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The New Galapagos Odyssey Yacht

Motor Yacht Galapagos Odyssey welcomes you on board to discover with your own eyes the unique wonders of the Galapagos Islands. We take you around the remote and most exceptional islands of the archipelago. The Galapagos Odyssey is considered among the most comfortable and spacious 16-passenger boats cruising this archipelago. Our certified professional crew and the knowledgeable, bilingual naturalist guide on board will do their utmost to convert your once in a lifetime cruise into the trip of your life! 




Type: Motor Yacht

Class: First Class

Length: 41m / 134ft

Width: 8m / 26.67ft

Machinery: 2 Cummins 465 HP engines

Cruising speed: 10 knots (ca. 18,5 km/h)

Generators: 2 John Deere Generators – 70 KW each

Capacity: 16 passengers

Number of cabins: 8 Twins & 1 Twin used as Single cabin

Cabin locations: Main deck: 2 Matrimonial Double Cabins / 2 Twin Cabins  

Upper deck: 2 Suites (can also be set up as Triple Cabins) & 2 Twin Cabins           

Lower deck: 1 Single Cabin

Social Areas: Sun Deck/terrace, shaded outside deck with outside bar, Lounge with dining area, buffet bar and bar.

Amenities: TV, DVD, laptop, small library, lounge chairs, whirlpool, 8 inflatable tandem kayaks, 2 inflatable dinghies for 8 persons each.

Air Conditioning: Individually controlled in all cabins

Wastewater treatment: 2 water treatment systems

Crew: 9 experienced, trained and IMO-certified crew-members (International Marine Organization):
captain, 2 pilots, 2 sailors, machinist, bartender, chef, kitchen help/housekeeper



#          DAY                 VISITOR SITES

1          Tuesday           AM - Flight to San Cristobal Airport

                                    PM - Cerro Colorado / Puerto Chino Beach (San Cristobal)

2          Wednesday     AM - Punta Suarez (Espanola)

                                    PM - Gardner Bay (Espanola)

3          Thursday         AM - Punta Cormorant / Devil's Crown (Floreana)

                                    PM - Baroness Lookout / Post Office Bay (Floreana)

4          Friday              AM - Santa Fe

                                    PM - South Plaza

5          Saturday          AM - North Seymour

                                    PM - Bachas (Santa Cruz)

6          Sunday            AM - Mosquera

                                    Tour ends. Transfer to Baltra Airport

Our 5 nights southeastern itinerary visits most popular sites of Galapagos and combines the spectacular sea bird colonies of Española and North Seymour. The southwestern islands are geologically elder, eroded and overgrown, with almost extinguished volcanic activity. Striking beaches of white coral sand are favourite places for large colonies of Galapagos sea lions and surround breathtaking azure-coloured bays. This varied route is characterized by relatively shorter nightly navigations and even two nights of quiet rest at calm anchorage-sites.
This cruise begins on San Cristobal, with lots of Galapagos sea lions occupying the harbour of Galapagos’ capital Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. You will cross the highlands to visit the local Galapagos giant tortoise breeding center.
Next day you will get excited walking through the waved albatross and booby colonies on Española, and observe sunbathing marine iguanas. The northern cape of Floreana contains a lagoon where exotic American flamingos use to breed. Nearby Devil’s Crown is one of the most popular snorkel sites of Galapagos!
Heading to the heart of the archipelago you will visit the extraordinary Santa Fe, and the really not to be missed highlight of South Plaza (both with land iguanas and giant opuntia cactus trees).
We conclude with the thriving booby- and frigate colonies on North Seymour, a beach stroll on Bachas Beach and an inflatable dinghy-ride along or landing on Mosquera, all three close to Baltra, from where you will fly back.

Day 1 – Tuesday


This morning you will fly from Quito or Guayaquil to San Cristobal Airport. After welcome, check-in, lunch, briefing and the safety-drill we leave for a 45 minutes bus-ride (22,5 km / 13.2 mi) to our first visitor’s site in the highlands of this island, the Galapagos giant tortoise breeding center on Colorado Hill.
Before dinner your guide will give the first daily briefing for tomorrow, and he/she will explain the yacht’s and National Park rules. Then the captain and his crew will present and toast with a welcome cocktail to celebrate your first evening on board. Around midnight we will lift the anchor and navigate about 5 hours to the south-eastern island of Española.

AM: Arrival at San Cristobal Airport

At San Cristobal Airport you have to pay your Galapagos National Park entrance fee and your luggage is inspected. See Getting there for flight and arrival information.
In front of the arrival hall you will meet your naturalist guide and fellow passengers, and you will be transferred to the harbour of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Our inflatable dinghy brings you the last stretch to the yacht.

Day 2 – Wednesday

Española is one of the crown jewels of the archipelago, and offers all that you might expect from Galapagos; it’s a real bird watcher’s and photographer’s dream! Being one of the oldest, it does not look like a volcanic island any more. Different to the western islands, where barren lava tongues reach up to the coastlines, massive erosion of the former cone and lava fields has formed long sand beaches. Española gives you the opportunity to become an eyewitness of evolution. Thanks to its very dry climate and remote isolated location, its residents evolved absolutely independently into new (sub)species, even unlike the rest of the islands. Therefore Española is one of the strongest evidences of natural selection, together with nearby Santa Fe, and Fernandina in the extreme west.


After breakfast your island excursion will start with a so called ‘dry landing’ (with footwear) at Suarez Point. This morning promises to be a highlight of your cruise. During a longer guided walk (Moderate Level; 4 km, 2.5 mi, about 2 hours) you will pass spectacular sea bird colonies on top of the cliffs, which contain some short scrambling passages (avoidable depths).
Back on board we will navigate in about an hour to our afternoon’s exotic visitor’s site. After lunch you will make your first ‘dive’ in the alluring turquoise-coloured Gardner Bay, where you can admire colourful tropical reef fish, snorkel side by side with a Pacific green turtle, or be in the middle of playful Galapagos sea lions. Then you will make a ‘wet landing’ (bare feet) on the wide sand beach. This is a good spot for a stroll along the sea lions colony (Easy Level), or a moment of reflexion, relaxation, or rolling with the sea lions in the surf.
After dinner we will navigate the longest stretch of Route A, which will take about 7 hours, navigating West to the neighbouring island of Floreana.

AM: Suarez Point (Española)

Huge ocean waves bang onto the southern basaltic cliffs of Suarez Point, forming a spectacular blowhole, where the water sprays meters high into the air (depending on the season, the tide and how strong the sea breeze pushes the waves). Take your time for a meditative break in silence on this emblematic viewpoint, and convert this unforgettable moment in a lifetime experience.

Española marine iguanas become bright red with a turquoise-colored crest and legs at the start of the breeding season (starting from Christmas). Hood lava lizards are the largest of the 7 endemic species in the islands, as well as the mockingbirds, that have turned to carnivorous behaviour! The successful rebreeded endemic Galapagos giant tortoise population resides on a site that is closed to tourism.

Waved albatrosses soar most time of their lives far out at sea and just come on land to breed and nurture their huge chick (March-December). This spectacular seabird is the only tropic albatross, and it is considered a critically endangered species. It just breeds on Española (besides some strayed individuals on Isla de La Plata, Machalilla National Park, close to the Ecuadorian coast). When you’re present on the right time (especially in October, though also noticeable in other months) you will be able to admire their synchronous courtship dances, which include bowing, whistling and even a stylized form of ‘sword fighting’ with their bills! Suarez Point also forms the massive breeding site for Nazca and blue-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls and red-billed tropicbirds. Especially during the food-abundant garúa-season (2nd half of the year) you can admire amusing courtship dances, mating, breeding, emerging from the eggs, nurturing or first flight-attempts. Blue-footed boobies even don’t bother to breed in the middle of the trail. Passing seabirds and marine iguanas of the islands in a distance of just a few meters, makes that you feel yourself live within a busting nature documentary!

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