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The Amazon, one of the wonders of our planet, contains an abundance of unique flora and fauna. More than 25000 species of Amazonian plants contribute 20% of the oxygen which exists in the earth's athmosphere. In addition 66% of all the world's fresh water can be found here.


It is a rainforest of unique bauty. It contains an incredible diversity of species of plants and animals, beyond comparison elsewhere in the world

13 - 16   Mar

280 USD

Suite in the Tower

340 USD

New Eco Tower

Samona lodge has a new tower with four floors.
The confortable  new suits offer to you   beautiful and nice view from cuaybeno forest

Enjoy and have a nice and amazing experience in the cuyabeno reserve.

You will be amazed as you walk through virgin jungle, where around 400 species of plants have been identified in one hectare alone. Magnificently coloured birds, of wich there are 500 species, fly overhead.


Monkeys, sloths, anteaters, armadillos, tapirs, jaguars, manaties and fresh water dolphins are just some of the mammals that live here, along with a great variety of reptiles such as snakes, caiman and the great anaconda and numerous fish, including Paiche(Arapaima), measuring over 3 meters in length and the famous piranha.

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